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Whirlpool Corporation

Whirlpool is an American based company that is famous for its exceptional products. It was founded on 11th November 1911 by Louis Upton and Emory Upton.

Their main headquarters is present in Headquarters Benton Charter Township, Michigan, US. Due to the vast experience of more than 100 years, the company has made trust in the market.

This corporation is the manufacture of home appliances like Ac, refrigerators, washing machine, dryers, Microwave oven, and many other useful products.

Whirlpool Corporation is one of the most leading Home appliances maker in the World. The company is operating all over the world and has more than 90 thousands workers.

Whirlpool has made an average revenue of 21 billion dollars each year. Because of the considerable success, the brand is expanding its business and launching some new products in the market that will surely add value to the customer life.

1. Whirlpool washer

Whirlpool has got some of the most prominent appliances in the world. The whirlpool washer usually comes in various colors and has the capacity of storing more than four cubic feet.

It has an easy to read display that includes a lot of different features. Their machine has got some exceptional cleaning performance that thoroughly cleans up the clothes after every single wash.

It also has a deep water wash technology that allows you to add extra water to each cycle so that the strains are easily removed for clothes.

Whirlpool washer also has a ColorLast feature that washed the clothes at the right temperature for the right duration so that the clothes color is not effected and the clothes remain colorful.

The quick wash option in this machine enables to increase the spin speed that decreases the washing time which helps to save a lot of time. These devices are made for low energy consumption that will help you to save money on bills.

The best thing about these washers is that you can control them through the mobile application. Whirlpool Mobile app acts as a remote controller for these machines. Another good thing about these washers is that they don't produce much noise.

2. Whirlpool Dryer

The whirlpool dryer provides affordability with stability and has a lot of different drying modes that help to dry your clothes more effectively. These devices come in different size, shape, and color.

Their product has a simple design and has a lot of functionality. It dries wet clothes without effect their quality. The machine observes the maximum capability of the fabric, and it turns off when the clothes are thoroughly dry.

It doesn't cause any wear and tear issue and also helps to kill the germs that may be present on the garments. Whirlpool Dryer has a lot of space to dry more garments at a time.

It has a quick cycle feature so that you can set the drying time according to the need. These dryer machines also have an automatic mode which turns off the machine after drying the clothes.

The timed dry can be adjusted from the display of the Whirlpool dryer. It also has a heavy dry cycle mode that allows you to dry heavy fabrics at a high-temperature setting.

The device allows you to command the dryness level, temperature, and wrinkle settings. Energy saving options present in it help to save more electricity.

3. Whirlpool Refrigerator

Whirlpool refrigerator has a unique design that adds more beauty to your home appliances. It keeps your food organize and fresh for a long time. This Refrigerator usually has a lot of capacity to store different items.

The machine usually has shelves, four-door bins, two crisper bins and two fixed door bins where you can place the stuff. It has an LED that helps to see frozen and fresh food easily.

Whirlpool refrigerator has a special FreshFlow technology that increases the freshness of food. The filter present in the machine absorbs gases that affect vegetables and fruit to spoil.

The temperature management system present in the machine adapts and sense the temperature which helps to create a perfect atmosphere for food storage. It has a freezer drawer that enables the user to organize frozen items.

The good thing about Whirlpool refrigerator is that it has a lot of space inside it so that you can store a large amount of food at eye-level which make it a good choice.

It also has a Dual cooling system that detects the temperature inside the fridge and balances the moist level. Moreover, Whirlpool makes these devices using a special technology that enables to save more electricity.

4. Whirlpool AC

Whirlpool ACs has a small logical chip that is embedded inside the machine. It has a special IntelliComfort technology that senses the humidity and adjusts the fan speed automatically to ensure fast cooling.

It automatically increases the fan speed when it observes a low level of moisture. This device assures maximum cooling with energy economy. Whirlpool ACs has a Cool extreme technology that sucks the hot air from the room and fills the room with cold air.

The Cool extreme technology feature usually evaporates the warm air into the atmosphere which doesn't cause any adverse effect on the environment. Whirlpool ACs has a Japanese rotary compressor.

The compressor in these devices is designed in a way to consume less electricity and give more output. These compressors are much more effective and don't produce any noise.

It also reduces the loss of refrigerator gas. These compressors give faster cooling as compare to other brands. One of the best things about this machine is that it has a dual fan that boosts the performance.

It also has a high-density filter that filter out the dust particle from the room and fills the room with fresh air.

5. Whirlpool Microwave oven

Whirlpool microwave oven has a fan-forced air that permits more efficient and fast cooking. These ovens are completely covered that doesn't allow any virus or harmful germs to reach the food inside.

But even if any harmful bacteria reach the food the oven temperature kill it so that the food always remains suitable for eating. It has a humidity detection technology that controls the moisture inside the food.

This oven comes in different design and color that add more value to the kitchen. Whirlpool microwave oven has an adjustable cooktop light and a fan speed.

The fan has to ability to move up to 300 cubic feet per minute that remove the cooking odors. There is plenty of extra space inside the Whirlpool oven where you can cook some extra food.

It also has a nice display screen that contains a lot of features. The exterior of this machine is made up of stainless steel that looks attractive.

It cooks the food quickly without consuming a lot of energy. Whirlpool microwave oven has an easy cleaning coating that allows to perform cleaning quick and simple. It also has a quick start button which starts cooking the food with a single click.

6. Whirlpool Dishwashers

The Whirlpool Dishwashers comes with a lot of unique features and design. It grants you to wash the dish cleanly and has a high-pressure spray nozzle that ensures that all the dishes are accurately cleaned.

This product comes with a plastic tub and a steel tub which is stainless materials so that no stain is left on it during the cleaning process. Although these plastic tubs are not that much engaging but still they provide the best work.

The Whirlpool Dishwashers uses heat for drying purpose which helps to clean and kill the germs from dishes easily. It also has a dry fan option that makes the drying process more efficient.

The hot air is permitted to fall on the wet dishes which help to dry them quickly. This dishwasher has 1-Hour Wash features that increase the time for dishwashing.

The best thing about the Whirlpool Dishwashers is that they have a special soil sensor that discovers the amount of dust on dishes and adjusts the water use and cycle time according to the dust.

It has an energy saving option that permits to save a lot of electricity. Senor cycle feature observes the temperature, save water and energy. The other good thing about Whirlpool models is that they have Wi-Fi connectivity option which allows you to control the dishware through your smartphone.


The KitchenAid is an American company which was established in the year 1919 by Hobart Corporation, and its headquarters is located in Benton Charter Township, Michigan, US. The company is renowned for producing different home appliances.

In the beginning, the company was not achieving success due to which the company owner Hobart Corporation sale the corporation to Whirlpool Corporation.

After the Whirlpool corporation holds the command of KitchenAid, the company start seeing some positive response and later on they were able to make good revenue from it.

KitchenAid new owner started providing quality to the customer due to which they were able to build trust with their customers. Now KitchenAid has complete a 100-year milestone and is looking forward to achieving more in life.

Maytag Corporation

Maytag Corporation is an American based company that is famous for producing commercial and home appliances.

The company was established in 1893 by Frederick Maytag, and in the past 126 years, they have achieved a lot of success in the industry.

Maytag is famous for producing cooler, washers, dryers, Ovens, water filters and other devices. Whirlpool Corporation purchased the Maytag Corporation in the year 2006.

The organization has more than 2 thousands employers that are working all over the world. Maytag was able to make a revenue of US$4.7 billion until now.

They are also making a huge impact in the kitchen appliance industry and trying to expand it. This corporation has got a team of some extraordinary experience people who are taking the brand to the great direction of success.


The JennAir is a Benton Harbor, Michigan-based company that was established in 1947. Louis J. Jenn founded the company in Indianapolis, Indiana. The company is famous for producing and designing household products.

Due to unsuccessful business in the early years, the company owner Louis J. Jenn planned to sell the company to Whirlpool Corporation, and Whirlpool became the owner of this company in the year 2006.

But now the company is progressing rapidly under the new mindset. In the beginning, the company was well known for producing very few products, but later on, they expand their business and become the manufacturers of additional products like refrigerators, microwave ovens, dishwashers, and other small appliances.

Amana Corporation

Amana Corporation is an American company that is now controlled by Whirlpool Corporation. George Foerstner established it in the year 1934, but Whirlpool Corporation purchased this company in 2002.

This company is very well known for producing different products like furnaces, countertop ranges, washers, dryers, dishwashers, and ovens. Amana Corporation under the leadership of Whirlpool corporation and has become a successful company.

The organization has made a revenue of 4.7 billion dollars until now which shows their success rate. It has more than 2500 highly trained employers that know who to run a company successfully.

With the passage of time, the Amana Corporation is growing their business to help their customer with new products.


Frigidaire is an American corporation founded in the year 1918 in Fort Wayne, Indiana and their headquarters is located in Charlotte, North Carolina, the U.S.

The company is famous for manufacturing products like washers, room air conditioners, dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, ranges, dehumidifiers, freezers, and microwave ovens. Frigidaire has seen many achievements in the past century.

The company is growing its market and bringing innovation in home appliances. Their main motto is to make the customer happy with the quality product, and they have succeeded in doing so.

That is the reason that they were able to get some much revenue. The corporation has thousands of employers that are working for the development of the company and the people.

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