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Trains have become an essential part of human life. The best thing about trains is that you can move freely in your cabin. There is a larger amount of space on the train where you can walk.

So if you ever get tired of sitting, you can stand or start walking without causing any disturbance while that is not the case in cars, buses or on the airplane.

Moreover, many trains usually have sleeping cabins, restaurant, and ample foot room which help you to travel long distance comfortably although there are various ways to spend your free time on trains.

You can listen to music, read a book or a magazine, watch a film, or have a nap and that's too at a reasonable price. And due to high technology, Trains has become the safest way to travel a larger distance in a shorter time.

The train industry is developing from year to year to make the form of transportation more secure. They are overcoming the probability of overturning, clashing with other trains, pulling off the road and other offensive things.

Due to a larger success in the Train industry, many countries are adopting train transportation system in their country.

The Steamship and locomotive took the place of sailing ships and horses as the way of traveling in the 19th century. It was clear that automobile and aircraft were working to do the same thing in the 20th century which change the transportation world.

At the same time, people started using trains to travel a large distance. But now the passenger of the train is more as compared to the past.

Shinkansen Bullet Train

Shinkansen is the fastest bullet train in the world. This train has changed the perspective of the whole world. Before this train was introduced people believe that a train can’t move at a very high speed but Shinkansen bullet train prove everyone wrong.

Shinkansen bullet train has shown a new speed to the world. Moreover, it has a significant impact on the transportation industry in Japan. Most of the other countries are signing an agreement with Japan to launch these trains in their countries.


Japan introduced a new bullet train known as Shinkansen in 1964. Shinkansen bullet train was a trustworthy symbol of the rise of Japan after the war.

But it was at risk because, at the start of the Jet age, when cars and other air travel were going to replace every other mean of transportation, this train makes a comeback at that time.

Trains were outdated at that time. It was an inconvenient and slow way of transportation. Automobiles were ruling the world. The Americans were spending billions of dollars on constructing roads.

The railway lines were turning down. Some of the countries were still using steam locomotives to travel. Many European countries were also shutting down the railway tracks.

But Japan was still working on Railways. They were blasting and drilling through the mountains and constructed 67 miles tunnel and 3 thousand new bridges at that time.

Japanese were doing all this stuff just for Shinkansen trains so that these trains can run at a very high speed that would be unmatched in the world.


Shinkansen bullet trains can attain a speed up to 320km/h which brought a new revolution in the trains industry. These bullet trains beat the French TGV and German ICE to become the world fastest train in the world.

The Japanese are not over yet, they are working to increase this speed up to 500Km/h, and they believe that they can achieve it. No other country thought to attach that much speed with the help of train.

These trains are the fastest mean to discover Japan. The Japan Railways, on which these bullet trains moves can cover the overall country.

These trains are offering rapid acceleration, electric multiple units, minimal damage to railway tracks and deceleration. Bullets train are time-saving and have a substantial positive impact on the economy of the country.

The Shinkansen bullet train has played a vital role in the development of Japan. That is the reason they are continually working in the train sector to enhance its industry.


Shinkansen Bullet train is fantastic. They are one of the best means of transportation in Japan. Millions of Japanese travel on these trains per day and the best thing about these trains is that they are very punctual.

These trains are having a massive impact on the Japanese Economy. It has a meaningful, profitable effect on Japan society, economy, business, and culture and operation contributions.

Due to the punctuality of these trains, Japan was able to save ¥500 billion per year which is a considerable amount. According to a report, Japanese trains are 9 seconds delay in a year which is excellent.

The Shinkansen bullet train routes are entirely different from other regular rail lines. These trains travel at high speed, so they are allocated a separate track.

Rail lines for this bullet train have fewer curves and obstacles so that the chances of damage is minimal. This train uses 1,435 mm of the conventional gauge. It operates on 25 kV Ac power supply and a 60 Hz frequency.

Shinkansen bullet train has carried more than 10 billion people over 50 years, and no passage had been injured due to train accidents like collisions or derailments during this period, despite typhoons and earthquakes.

These trains also have many good effects on our environment. Shinkansen train trip from Tokyo to Osaka produces 16 percent of C02 of equal travel by automobile which saves 15 thousand tons of Carbon dioxide every year.

TGV Train

TGV train is the fastest wheel train in France. They are one of the best means of transportation in France. It has played a vital role in the transportation sector of the country.

The TGV train has brought a new change in the transportation industry. These machines help large amount of passengers to travel from one place to another that too at affordable price.

It has overcome the difficulty of transportation and provide an easy mean to travel for the people of France. Due to its great success, the government is planning to increase the tracks.


The TGV is a French high-speed train that is operated by the SNCF. TGV train project was presented to the president in the year 1966 by SNCF which got approved.

The main goal of starting this train was to overcome the high demand of passengers in France. In the year, 1973 The TGV train was changed into an electric train due to some oil crisis in the country.

Later after three years, SNCF bought about 87 trains to expand the industry. French government constructed many railway lines centered on Paris to connect different cities across the Country, some of these tracks were expended to neighboring countries


In the year 2007, A TGC train created a world record for being the quickest wheel train in the world. It reaches the speed of 574.8 Km/h which was never achieved before by any wheel train. The TGV train can travel at a speed of 300 Km/h.

TGV train connects many neighboring countries like Spain, Germany, Italy, and Luxembourg directly to France and other countries like Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom are linked with France through TGV network.

The government of France is planning to expand their railway lines with other neighboring countries also. Not only these railway trains solve the transportation issue of the country, but it also made a positive effect on the economy of the country.

The other countries are trying to adopt France railway system. The government of France is having a deal with some of the neighboring countries in this project.


TGV train can carry millions of passengers in a day. Due to the larger amount of population, these trains are a handy machine to have in a country.

Just like the Shinkansen bullet train, these TGV train has a good traveling record. There is no such injury reported in the country due to the TGV train. Although it has transported billions of people in the past decade.

SNCF was able to produce the profits of 1.75 billion dollars is the year 2007. Due to the enormous benefits, SNCF is planning to construct more rail track for the TGV train which is a good sign for the country.

TGV trains work on 25 kV and at 50 Hz frequency. Trains traveling to Switzerland, Belgium, Germany or Netherlands may support other frequency, or voltages depending on the conditions.

When the train is moving through an area where the supplied voltage is different, the marker boards tell the driver to lower or turn off the power supply.

When the train attains the perfect supply, the indicator indicates the driver to switch on traction motors. The punctuality time of these trains is also good, but in punctuality, TGV train can't compete with the Japanese Shinkansen bullet train.

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