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Toto is one of the biggest producers of bathroom fixtures in the world. It was established in 1917 and is well known for creating the WASHLET, as well as its bathtubs and other restroom fixtures.

The company has production facilities in more than nine countries and aims to expand its market presence in the next few years. Toto’s plan is simple: it wants to rule the toilet market, and it is working hard to do so.

The company’s newly launched Flotation Tub has brought innovation to the bathtub market. Toto is the name of real comfort. We aim to provide our customers with true value and focus on innovative and quality products.

Toto’s goal is to improve the quality of its users’ lives, and the company has completely changed the notion of what a bathroom can look like. We have brought a new revolution in the world of washlet, bathtub and other bathroom furniture.

Toto Products

Toto is a leading brand in Japan, as well as other countries. The brand is going to launch its products in many new countries, which will bring a new revolution to the restroom market around the world.

Toto’s main focus is to deliver to our customers a clean and clear environment. Toto has sold over 40 million WASHLETs throughout the world since 1980. The company focuses on people’s difficulties and provides a new solution to their problems.

Toto’s reputation has grown among those who use its remarkable products, and the company has become a master in sanitary ware.

Toto has production plants in Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam, among other countries. Modern technology provided by the brand offers a luxurious and regal bathroom experience.

Thousands of engineers working at the company are dedicated to achieving the best performance, design, and innovation. Toto is a maker of smart toilets and other bathroom furniture.


The Toto WASHLET is the most luxurious washlet currently available in the market. It is made in Japan and offers a compact, slim design made from quality materials.

Most of Toto’s WASHLETs have an automatic seat opening and closing feature. This WASHLET can be controlled with a remote control and has multiple features like front and rear cleaning, unlimited warm water, a warm air dryer, a heated seat, spray pressure controls, and a deodorizer.

The nozzle position and spray pressure can be fully adjusted according to the user’s need. The device also has a massage function and an oscillating nozzle that provides extra cleaning functionality. There is also a comprehensive range of spray options.

It has programmable user presets on the back of the remote. The seat, dryer, and water temperature are all adjustable. Toto’s WASHLET allows you to customize the automatically opening and closing seat, lid function, LED light modes, energy saving options, and other settings.

It also has an electrical cord and water hose. The LED light on the washlet helps the user to navigate through a dark restroom. Basic controls allow the user to operate the seat with buttons should the remote stop functioning.

Toto’s WASHLET has its main display and a body sensor on the top of the seat. The main display shows the seat, power, and energy saving light modes, and there is a remote control receiver, quick release button, deodorizer vent, and deodorizing filter on the right side of the seat.

The WASHLET can be easily removed or adjusted for cleaning. It comes with firm seats that are available in different shades.

Toto’s WASHLET offers several unique characteristics that are not present in other brands. It has an e-water plus system that uses electrolyzed water to automatically spray the toilet after each use, and the automatic lid and seat can be programmed to open and close it when you leave or approach the toilet. The lid and seat can also be operated by pressing a button on the remote.

This WASHLET provides a nozzle that has multiple wash functions. Its rear wash function nozzle position can be adjusted and the nozzles have the ability to move back and forth, providing a thorough cleaning. As the nozzle moves back, the self-cleaning function begins. There are different patterns of water. The less intense the pattern, the less water that will come out from the nozzles.

The Toto WASHLET also provides a single air dryer functionality that allows a clean-hands experience, offering complete comfort to the user.

Toto Flotation Tub

Toto has completely changed the concept of the bathtub with their newly introduced Floatation Tub. This is not a standard bathtub; this Toto bathtub comes with many unique features.

The Toto Flotation Tub is a marble-covered tub with a shiny look that has a variety of different integrated functions. The coolest thing about it is that it is manufactured to simulate zero-gravity, giving the feeling that you are floating in the space.

This zero-gravity concept provides the user with a unique and fantastic experience. This device has an integrated jet that elevates the feet of the user up into the air to give the impression of floating, despite the reality of being in a bathtub.

This creates a bathing position like that of an astronaut floating in space. Its unique technology provides a smooth touch to muscles that helps with deep relaxation. This bathtub can store up to 77.5 gallons of water.

It has a slip-resistant surface that ensures personal safety so the user doesn’t need to worry about slipping on the surface of the bathtub.

A panel on the side of the tub allows for making adjustments according to requirements. The panel has an LED light functionality. You can turn on the LED light that is present on the bottom side of the tub.

These white lights add a beautiful lighting experience. The Toto Flotation Tub also has a built-in pillow that can bring water around your neck for a more relaxing experience.

The pillow is built to provide comfort to your head and neck. You can put your head on the pillow and enjoy the incredible experience offered by the product.

The Toto Floatation Tub is designed for the user’s comfort. One will never get tired of using this bathtub. The more you use it, the more you addicted you become.

Toto Autofaucet Washbasin

Toto has turned to the concept of Faucet Washbasin, launching an automatic Faucet Washbasin which turns on when someone puts their hands under the faucet.

This concept helps to save water and provides extra cleanliness. With the manual faucet, the user has to open the tap to run the water. This process can cause waste water, but this is no longer the case with the Toto Autofaucet Washbasin.

The faucet has an automatic on and off sensor which senses the body movement of the user, and when any part of your body passes in front of the faucet, the water starts running.

The Autfaucet Washbasin also has a hot and cold water sensor. So if you want cold or hot water, you can choose it by yourself with the help of the sensors.

The sensor is located on the side of the faucet, so to turn it on or off you move your hand in front of it. This automatic sensor can sense even the smallest of movements, so even a finger can activate the sensor. The Toto Auotfaucet has various unique designs and is attached to a washbasin. The Toto washbasin is made of a thin but durable white marble that gives off a bright color.

Since there is no need to touch a tap on this device, your hands stay extra clean as there are no surfaces for germs to stick to, heightening the effect of cleanliness.

This Autofaucet washbasin comes in a variety of different shapes and styles, so you can choose the one that suits your restroom. The Autofaucet Washbasin provides real convenience and a sense of cleanliness to the user. The more you use it, the more you are going to love it.

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