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With dozens of Gaming VR headsets coming out each year how can you know which ones will provide the ultimate experience and which ones you should avoid? Among countless features how can you possibly know which ones are relevant?
Well, you don’t need to worry about these things because today, this article will tell you about the 10 Best Gaming VR Headsets available in the market in 2019.


One of the best consumer VR headsets on the market at the moment, HTC VIVE really has a lot to offer. First of all with the purchase of this system you get free content, a two-month free trial of VIVE point subscription

This headset makes the gaming experience completely immersive with realistic graphics, true to life movement, HD haptic feedback and directional audio. Vive seriously stepped up when it comes to motion tracking as it is incredibly precise.

The 360-degree controller and headset work in sync to cover your every movement to the millimeter. Unlike with most other headsets with this one you won't be limited to your seat.

This VR has two base stations that enable you to play games while seated, standing or in any space that is up to 15 feet long and 15 feet wide and good news for all the gamers out there, this headset is powered by steam VR which means that you can enjoy more than 2800 games from Steam.

Oculus GO

Oculus Go is made to be independent from a phone or a computer. This VR Headset did almost everything right. The optics offer crystal clarity, 3d graphics are state of the art, and the 3d sound will help you to immerse yourself entirely regardless of whether you are playing a game or watching a TV show.

Oculus headset enables you to meet up with friends from all over the world in a virtual reality so you can watch concerts or live sports event together.
When it comes to content oculus offers more than 1000 different games, special applications, and experiences that you can download to your device. This VR head is incredibly light and isn’t just portable but also super easy to use.
The controller is too simple and learning how to use it will be effortless. Since the spatial audio drivers are built in there is no need for tangled headphones. The sound will be dramatic enough without them.

Samsung Gear VR

If you are examining out VR for the first time, getting the best budget Samsung Gear VR headset is a great idea. You wouldn’t overspend so if you don’t like the experience you will not have wasted a lot of money.

Samsung Gear VR is high quality so if you do like it; you can explore many games and different experiences. This VR headset comes with an intuitive controller that can drop, select, point and drag.
This Samsung gear offers hundreds of experience and games from the Oculus as well as a bunch of games from the Google play store. You can play games, watch shows, virtually chat and meet up with friends.
This headset allows you to enjoy 2d, 3d, and 360-degree content at any place and any time. This device is light and simple to use and offers an interesting, immersive experience.

Acer Windows Mixed Reality

A well-known brand named as Acer introduces windows Mixed Reality headset. This headset was launching keeping all the gamers and other VR loving mind.

It offers an ultra HD gaming experience. Content-wise, it supports many games, apps, video, movies and much more. The great thing about this headset is that it requires a low system requirement.

It has a viewing angle of 105 degrees with a refreshing rate of 90 Hz which is pretty good. Acer Window Mixed Reality provides a high-quality sound and a realistic gaming experience in a low system requirement. It allows support USB and HDMI ports so that you can connect some other devices with it.

This device has some strong positive sides; it provides a smooth and accurate motion control which helps make the overall experience truly immersive. When it comes to content the Windows Mixed Reality can do everything, play movies, 360 videos, games and much more.

Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift isn’t just a headset. It’s a full virtual reality system that has it all. Ultra-low latency tracking offers an incredible experience while the controllers bring your hands into the virtual reality correctly.

With these, you can interact with the virtual world completely and naturally without any glitches. This product is comfortable to wear for a longer period.

The resolution can be mind-blowing if your graphics card and ram are updates and the sound makes you feel like you are in the virtual world instead of our own.

This Oculus has attached headphones, so you won't be able to hear anything from the outside world. Once you try this VR headset out, you will understand why some people dream of living in virtual reality. You will duck, turn, move and feel as if the adventure you’re in is completely real.


The HTC VIVE pro is one of the best VR headsets that you can buy at this moment. HTC showed that they value their customer's input on this one. Everything that was wrong with previous models is fixed here.

First of all, they enhance the graphics will sure rich colors and unbelievably sharp details. The resolution this headset offers is 2889 by 1660 and 615 PPI. The movement in this VR is just as natural as in real life, and the controller in the headset track your movements from the floor to the ceiling precise to a millimeter.

With Its high-resolution sound and high impedance headphones with noise cancellation, you will feel the sound as you use the headset. What's especially interesting is the fact that this headset allows you to define your own play space as long as it isn’t bigger than 20 by 20 feet.

On the one hand, this VR headset is impressive. This is one of the most comfortable VR headsets today. The image is clear crisp, realistic and the built-in headphones provide an amazing surround sound experience.

Google Daydream View

The Google Daydream View is simple to use and affordable that has a charming design with High-quality performance. From a design view, this device is present in the market in three different colors such as Slate, Snow and the Crimson.

The Daydream VR is a lightweight device, and many users have said that they don't feel any stress while using this VR headset, which tells about the quality of Google engineering.

There is a single flexible band at the back which helps you to fix the headset to your eyes comfortably. It has a 5-inch Google pixel screen that seems beautiful, so in design perspective this product is impressive.

To use this VR you just have to unclip front section of the headset, so it's very easy to use. Moreover, this device also provides a controller which is a good addition because that will improve your experience by increasing the gaming quality — Apart from gaming you can watch various shows, series and movies.


HP VR1000 empowers you to manage virtual reality on your computer with integrated graphics. It has an attractive design and offers a 3D gaming experience with a smooth 3D sound system.

This device has a headphones jack on the bottom of the headset that allows the user to connect the headphones easily. It also permits to customize the height of HDMI cable from two feet to 6 feet.

HP VR1000 headset has a low refresh rate of 60HD; Although this rate is less, still, it's acceptable. It has a fantastic feature of voice command so that if you are tired of selecting and clicking you can selection or launch apps, games or other stuff just with your voice. HP headset is an affordable and easy to use that gives a solid VR experience.

PlayStation VR

If you are a PlayStation user, then the PlayStation VR can be a good choice for you. This device is made for PlayStation lovers so that they can enjoy the high-quality experience of VR headset.

This device has a round, black & white plastic structure with a hook that helps the user to adjust the headset easily. There is a huge, 5.7 inches display in the front which allows the user to view up to 100 degrees.

It has a connection interface of HDMI port, HDMI PS4 port, a USB port and AUX port that are present on the headset so that you are fully supported with the things you may need.

This headset has a refresh rate of 120-hertz which means that you will have a great experience with this device. PlayStation VR headset allows you to play games in a High definition manner so that you can enjoy the realistic gaming experience.

Lenovo Mirage Solo

LENOVO MIRAGE SOLO headset offers a head-mounted display and captures 180 degrees videos which are independent of your mobile phone. It has a controller that provides a smooth and comfortable gaming experience.

The Mirage Solo has an integrated processor and a strong Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU that allow you to play some heavy games. But this device lacks built-in microphones and speakers.

This headset provides over 350 apps and games which is truly small as compare to other VR headset. Lenovo VR has a WorldSense Motion technology that permits the user to move freely with a 6 degree of space.

It also has a sensor, integrated cameras, and its battery timing is really excellent that helps you to enjoy the gaming experience for a long interval of time. The best thing about this VR headset is that you can cast VR experience to your Television.

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