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Robots are making their ways in offices, airports and different department of human life but they are not the thing that you will encounter everywhere in the street.

A robot is a device that is programmed by a computer to solve different human beings problems. These devices are capable of doing complex actions automatically.

Robots can be controlled externally, or the control can be built-in. Robots are having a significant impact on human lives, and it is believed that sooner or later they are going to be a crucial part of human life.

Sony Aibo

Sony Aibo is a robotic dog that is well programmed. It has an image recognition camera at its nose, and it has a time-of-flight sensor in his mouth that detect the nearby objects.

You can also take some pictures through the nose camera. This machine also has a mapping camera and a light sensor which is located on his tail. It also has four microphones on his cheeks.

There are a ranging sensor and a motion sensor on his belly. Sony Aibo look like a real dog that will do each and everything that you ask him to do. Its whole body contains a lot of sensors.

This amazing device comes with a plastic bone, a plastic ball, and a charging stand. Sony Aibo also has an app where you can change the personality of your robot.

This robot moves like a real dog and obeys his owner, and the good thing about this robotic dog is that you don't need to worry about his food, water or anything but you have to charge him on time.

It also can learn new thing after interacting with you which help the robot to acquire a fantastic personality. The good thing about it is that his body moves with the least mechanical noise.

Honda E2 DR

The real purpose Honda E2 DR was to climb different crumbled buildings. It can climb stairs, ladders, crawl through small place and form it body to compress through cracks.

This machine is capable of doing a lot of things just like a normal human being, and it can grasp bars, manage its hips, rotate its body up to 180 degrees and can walk like a human.

Honda E2 DR Robot has a Hokuyo laser rangefinder, a monocular camera, couple flight camera, a stereo camera that increases the visual capabilities of the robot. It has a 3D sensor and some additional cameras on its hand.

Honda makes this device to handle a lot of difficult situations like dust, moisture, and high temperatures which make the robot more reliable.

This Robot structure is made in a way to solve complex human problems. It doesn’t need any instruction again and again to move, you need to program it one, and it will show the rest of it work.

Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics robots have unusual behavior that includes excellent agility, mobility, speed, and skill. The machine has sensor-based controls that allow it to work more effectively.

The company is focusing on creating a significant impact on the market through AI robots. Their robots are well trained that have the strength to do things like a normal man.

Even one of their machine named as Boston Dynamics Atlas can do a perfect backflip. These robots have different sensors on their body that allows them to know what is happening around them and they are so well programmed that they can do everything that a normal human being can do.

They can crawl, Jump, walk, and run and even can dive. Boston Dynamics devices usually have a camera that let you take some picture or record things around the robot.

They have a smart sensing ability that let them know about different obstacles around them. Regardless of the shapes, these machines are created to solve the complex problem in human lives.

NASA Puffer

NASA Puffer was created by a well know organization NASA to help them in their mission to Mars. NASA believes that this device will help them to discover a lot of new things and information related to Mars.

It’s a two-wheel robotic device that can move anywhere with the help of instruction given by the user. As the temperature and surface of the mars are quite different as from our Earth still, this machine can run on the surface of the mars easily.

It is an origami-inspired machine. The origami assists it to collapse its wheels inward. It is a minimal robot weighting 5.3 ounces and cost millions to assemble. The two wheels on the robot allow it to move anywhere you want it to move.

It has a small camera, flashlight and a microscope on it. NASA Puffer can also capture different pictures of the surface as it moves and can manage the problematic condition of Mars.

It also works perfectly on Earth surface. NASA believe that this device will help them to know more about the environment of Mars and other planets.

Snake Robot

Snake robot also known as Snakebots is very similar to the real snake that is why they have a "Snake" word in their name.

Just like an ordinary snake, these Snakebots can move very quickly through the disorganized path and dodge barriers by move over them or around them.

It also has a camera on its body that allows you to capture some footages or images. Due to its structure, these robots are little more complicated as compare to an ordinary robot, but they are fun to watch.

This robot has different joint modules that are connected in a series that allow the robot to bend in more than one planes. Snake robot has the freedom to move in many degrees that make it a bit difficult to control, but support it to move on the severe surface easily.

These robots have a size range from 20 to 30 foot long and come in different shapes. It has a unique ability to move through small holes and can navigate obstacles by itself. Unlike the real snake, it will not bite you, but it will help you in multiples way.

Hanson Robotics

You must have heard about a robot named Sophia that was created by Hanson Robotics. Due to its remarkable features and abilities, Sophia remains in the news for a long time.

It was a female version of the robot that truly represents human behavior. The Hanson Robotics programmed that machine so well that even she can answer all the question by itself without any help.

It can manufacture in a way to develop itself to solve any issue through a normal human conversation. Hanson Robot was able to move, run, talk and do many other things that an average human can do.

This machine was a bit different from other robots for two reasons. The first reason was that it could speak and it was a great achievement in the robotics industry.

Secondly, it doesn't need any instructions to question your answer. So if you got a chance to meet that robot manufacture by Hanson robotics, you would surely get surprised.

Mayfield Robotics

Mayfield Robotics is the owner of Kuri robot. Kuri Robot was designed for homes with awareness, mobility, and personality.

It has a built-in camera, speakers, microphones, Wi-Fi, laser-based navigation and Bluetooth connectivity that help people to make their life simpler and more manageable. This device hears all the introduced given to it by the user via microphones.

It can do whatever you want him to do whether it be turning off the light, shutting the door or something else, he can do it correctly. Mayfield Robotics Kuri makes the home life very interesting, inspiring and fun.

This machine has some sophisticated technology that is created to make the future of home robot brighter. The robot can recognize specific people and surroundings through exclusive technology.

Kuri has a unique design and a black and white color combination on it. It looks like a spherical ball place on a curvy material.

It can make your home life easier by doing a lot of different works that an ordinary person can do. Mayfield robot also has a 1080p camera that can be used as a security guard and you can even take a picture through it.

Octopus Gripper

Octopus Gripper is the advanced robot project by Festo. A real octopus inspires the design of this robot. It has a soft silicon structure that bends its arm to grip things.

Octopus Gripper helps the user to grasp any things wheater it a spherical, triangular or a square shaped thing. It has an octopus hand that usually bend to catch stuff when you want it to hold something.

There are passive and active suction cups that are attached to this machine. The form-fitting gripper and a vacuum adhesion help him to grasp things of any shape.

Octopus Gripper is usually controlled by Festo Motion technique. This robot was created to safely pick up objects, securely hold them and smoothly put the objects back to the real place.

It has a 22cm long arm with two suction cups. It has a chamber running on the soft silicon structure that causes the arm to turn inwards and cover itself around different shaped objects.

The chamber is surrounded with Lycra fiber so that it remains protected from any damage. It projects the silicon from breaking. A wafer polystyrene film is placed at the center of the tentacle to ensure that the arm should only bend.

Pagio Grita Cargo

Robots are manufactured to minimize the difficulty of human being, and Pagio Grita cargo is doing the same thing.

It is a 22-inch tall robot having a shiny, smooth surface that makes it look attractive. Grita robot has a camera that helps the device to navigate. It was designed to lift any material, so if you have this robot, you don't need to carry anything.

You have to put it into the robot, and the robot will move the material itself. There is a small compartment at the top of this machine where you can put your stuff.

It can carry weight up to 40 pounds — the length of the storage unit in about 14-inches. For more significant weight, Pagio has developed a new robot named Kilo. It can carry weight up to 200 pounds.

These devices don't use GPS. You will have to wear a special belt, and Gita will start following you. The belt is connected to the Robot through Wi-Fi. There is a camera in the belt which helps Gita to navigate the movement of a person. The belt is bulky prototypes have new units.

Stanford University Snake

It is a Snakebots develop by the mechanical engineering student of Stanford University. This snake robot is an excellent addition to the robotics industry. It can navigate through tiny places and have a unique ability to navigate obstacles by itself.

This machine can help the rescue worker to search people under the collapsed building. They don't need to dig the debris by hand or some other machine; this device will do all that work for the rescue worker.

It will help to find signs of life at places where we human beings can reach. Stanford University Snake has an airtight cylinder that allows it to navigate. You have to place this device at the path of trash and switch ON the button.

It will start moving fastly through stones and dirt. There is a camera at tendril that provides a clear view of the rescuers. It is a tube made up of soft material that is itself folded inside which move in a single direction.

The material is cheap, thin plastic in the prototype. This snake robot can carry 100-kilogram equipment and can roll under a small door gap. It usually moves randomly in an unsymmetrically way.

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