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Jesse W. Reno invented the first working escalator and installed it alongside the old iron pyre at Coney Island New York in 1896. An Escalator is a moving stair that continuous move to transport people up and down.

Escalators are one of the biggest expensive machines that people use on a daily basis, but they are also one of the simplest.

Working of Escalator

The escalator core consists of a different pair of chains. The pair of chains are looped around the two gears.

There is an electric motor connected in the escalator that shifts the gears at the top which help the chain loop to rotate. A 100 horsepower motor is usually used in a typical escalator to turn the gears.

The chain system and the motor are present within the truss. It is a metal structure that is stretched among two floors. The chain loops drive a set of steps, Rather than running a flat surface.

The way these steps are operated in an escalator is the coolest thing. The stairs periodically stay in level as the chains move.

The steps collapse with one another at the base and top of the escalator that creates a flat floor. This helps the passenger easily to use the escalator.


An elevator is a machine that is used to transport goods or people on different floors of a building. The first elevator was used in the New York City in the year 1853.

Before the elevator, building rarely grew over five stories. They perform billions of rides every day around the world. Among the safest ways to travel there is less than one chance in 12 million that something will go wrong with the elevator, you are riding in.

Working of Elevator

The most popular elevator design is the roped elevator where a machine is raised and lowered by steel cables.

The machines muscles are present at the top of the elevator shaft. It ropes are attached to the carriage and loop around a shift — a pulley with grooves to grip the ropes that are connected to an electric motor.

Turn the motor one way; the elevator carriage goes up. When the motor turns the other way, the carriage goes down.

All the motors need to move the carriage by providing a nudge to fix the balance one way or the other. This system saves energy as well as wear and tear on moving parts.

Once the carriage is moving, the motors only job is to control one of the two falling objects. Both the carriage and the counterweight are attached to guide rails inside the shaft.

They keep everything from swaying back and forth and also give a backup set of brakes something to grab onto.

If anything goes wrong with the motor hydraulic fluid is cut off, and that automatically releases the brake that seizes the ropes for a quick stop. Technically, one of these steel ropes is enough to hold up the cabin and the counterweight. The rest are there for backup.

1. ThyssenKrupp Company

ThyssenKrupp is a German company that is famous for producing an elevator and escalators. This company also focus on industrial engineering.

Other than their elevator, the ThyssenKrupp is also renowned for steel production and is ranked the tenth biggest worldwide company by income in the year 2015.

ThyssenKrupp company keep on bringing innovation in the elevator industry, and their main focus is the transportation of passenger through elevator safety.

This company has a unique engineering capability due to which they have become one of the best leading elevator producer in the world in the past few decades.

2. Otis Company

The Otis is an American based company which is famous for manufacturing elevators, moving walkways, escalators, and different related products.

Otis Company has become the world most prominent producer of elevators due to its remarkable technology.

This company has established their elevators in the world famous buildings like Empire State building, World Trade Center, Eiffel Tower, The Twilight Zone, Burj Khalifa, Petronas Twin Town, CN Tower, and many other places.

Otis was able to get the most significant contract in the year 2013. The deal includes 670 escalators and elevators that were to install in the Hyderabad Metro station. Their second best contract was to deliver 349 lifts in the year 2012 for Hangzhou metro.

3. The Schindler Group

The Schindler Group is a Switzerland company founded in the year 1874. This company is famous for producing elevators, escalators, moving walkways, and other relevant goods.

The Schindler Group provide various design and functionality for elevators and escalators that too at a reasonable price.

They manufacture, maintains, fix and renews escalators and elevators in different kind of buildings including high rise and residential buildings.

The Schindler organization is already working in more than 140 countries with thousands of employers that provide the best quality to their customers.

4. Kone

Kone is a Finland company operating from the past 100 years. This company was launched in 1910 and is famous for manufacturing elevators, escalators, automatic doors, and gates.

Kone provides the best quality elevators and escalators that last for many years. The company is working across 60 counties spread all over the world.

Kone was awarded for a Good Design award in the year 2013 due to its beautiful designs and functionality. Kone motor makes the brakes and control system of the elevator less noise.

This company uses a unique Eco Disc motor that minimizes the amount of energy dropped during the motion of elevators and escalators.

5. The Mitsubishi Group

The Mitsubishi Group is one of the most famous companies in the world. It was introduced in the year 1870 in Japan. This brand is renowned for producing elevators, escalators and other electronic devices.

They also manufacture many non-electronic devices. The Mitsubishi provides a unique engineering technique so that the elevators and escalators use less power to work.

This brand focuses on the quality product so that their customers remain happy after using it and that is one of the biggest reason that they are famous in the market.

6. Fujitec

Fujitec Company was founded in 1948 by Mr. Shotaro Uchiyama. In the past 70 years, they were able to build a positive impact on the market.

The primary reason they develop this organization was to build and research, sales, installation, manufacturing, and maintenance of escalators, elevators, and travellators.

Due to massive success in the market, Fujitec has expanded its business worldwide. Their products are well known all over the world and have played a vital role in the Transport equipment industry.

Fujitec has a team of some extraordinary people that are expert in manufacturing and bringing innovation in escalators and elevators industry.

7. Hitachi Group

Hitachi is a Japanese multinational company develop in 1910. The company is well known for manufacturing Elevator, Escalator and other electronic product.

Hitachi elevator and escalator are developed by some of the top engineers and has the best material.

The company is very diverse that provide some other products like automotive systems, power system, finical system, and other components and system.

Hitachi organization focus on the quality and try to make sure that they provide the best value to the customers that is the reason that their reputation is increasing day by day in the market.

8. Omega

Omega Company is specialized in producing hydraulic and electric life in the world. After the vast success Omega is planning to expand their business.

Omega is a Spanish organization that is expert in producing elevators, escalators and other electronic devices. They are much admired in European supermarkets.

All the product manufactured by this company are 100% tested, and no defective machinery is granted a pass.

Their products obey severe principles of global rules. The company is continuously updating with time. Omega Company declares to keep its zero disappointment rates till now.

9. Express Lifts Pvt. Ltd

Express Lifts was founded in 1995 and is a different organization of its own. This brand is well known for developing and designing elevators and escalators that provide safety as well as luxury.

They have a variety of premium elevators, and escalators which meet the necessary international standards of servicing and property and their products are usually long-lasting.

Express company has also won different awards due to its excellent quality products. The company also manufactures products like car lifts, capsule elevators, rocket elevators, hospital lifts, and passenger elevators.

10. Schneider

Schneider Elevator is an Indian company that has an experience of manufacturing products like elevators and escalators for the past few years.

They provide an energy efficient escalators and elevators that will help to save electricity bills and is the best option for homes and small buildings.

The design of Schneider elevator and escalators will match the exterior and interior of your building. They also manufacture elevators that could be produced with glass and other operation panels.

The company is also focusing on introducing new technology to change the present systems and improve comfort, aesthetics, and energy efficiency lifts and escalators.

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