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A satellite is an artificial machine that is set in the path around the planet to manage data or for communication. All kind of communications are possible with satellite.

Geostationary satellites revolve at the similar speed as our planet following its movement while it always remaining above the same point of the equator and is orbiting with the speed of 36 thousand kilometers above the ground.

To an observer on the ground this makes them seem perfectly motionless in the sky. They move it over three kilometers per seconds without using any fuel maintaining their initial speed in the vacuum of space.

In a geostationary orbit, we operate a fleet of satellites which cover two-thirds of the planet. Satellites are an essential complement to land-based networks due to their position high in the sky.

This enables them to avoid obstacles in the landscape and to connect an infinite number of sites across the Earth. Satellites could be called the network of all networks.

They are the best means of broadcasting television programs to households equipped with satellite dishes or through the network which themselves rely on satellites.

In addition to television, satellites also enable high-speed internet connection even in the most remote areas.

How Satellite works?

A rocket can launch a satellite into space. Its transfer orbit of one thousand five hundred kilometers above the group within thirty to forty minutes.

The satellite then deploys a section of its solar panels to provide a steady power supply during its travel in space. Engine propulsion is used to gradually make it orbit more circular until it describes a perfect circle and attains its final position in geostationary orbit.

Once in position, the satellite fully deploys its solar panel and antennas producing a wingspan of 40 meters. The satellite can bear Space vacuum, radiation, extreme thermal conditions.

They are high technology equipment designed to function for over 15 years in a hostile environment. All telecommunication satellites are built for the same purpose.

Their primary objective is to receive a ground signal and transmit it inside their coverage area. The message is sent from a transmitting station which can transport television programs or data or establish an internet connection.

To repeat the receive signals across the entire coverage area, the satellite must provide and changes frequency. This is carried out by transponders that are application tubes located between the satellites reception and transmission antennas.

All the equipment is connected to a central part. Radiates series evacuate any heat production and heat shields insulate the satellite from the outside environment.

In addition to the control system, the region houses the propulsion system and fuel tanks. This system maintains the satellite at its station and reduces disturbances related to the attraction of the sun, moon and the gravitational earth field.

The two solar panels connect with the satellite provide all the energy required for the satellite to function throughout its lifetime fully. This makes the satellite the most environmentally friendly means of communication.


A drone is a flying machine that is usually controlled through a remote by the user. It is an aerial vehicle that has various functions.

In recent years drones have seen a rapid increase in popularity. The main reasons for this are the decrease in price and increase in the sophistication of the electronics and software used in their design.

Drones have small embedded computers that use miniature sensors that can detect movement, acceleration, air pressure and even provide GPS location information.

All this technology allows a drone to be a self-contained flight system. Drones have become popular with hobbyists, photographers, farmers who want inexpensive means to monitor the health of their crops, Realtors who want to show off a property to potential buyers and for the privacy of people.

How Drones works?

Apart from the electronic flight system, a drone also needs a battery, motors, and propellers commonly called blades.

The motors rotate the blade at high speed; for example, some of the drones can rotate its blades over 28 thousand revolutions per minutes or 475 revolutions per second.

Drone movement in the three axes, rolling, pitching and pivoting. Rolling is from left or right as like a boat move in the water. Pitching is the front moving up or down, and yawing is like a boat pivoting or turning toward the left or light.

The four motors and blades are divided into two sets. One set will rotate clockwise, and the other will rotate counterclockwise. The first thing a drone must do is to get off the ground.

To do this, it must use all four of its motors and blades to generate a net force upward that is greater than its weight. Once the drone moves up the net force will need to match its weight to achieve equilibrium.

To roll to the left side, the drone will increase the powers to the motors on the right. Which increase the thrust and decreases the power to the motors on the left and it will reduce the thrust.

The resulting net force will roll the drone to the left side. To roll back the drone to our right, it will reverse the process.

In case you want to pitch forward the drone you will increase power to the back motors and reduce powers to the front motors.

The resulting net force will take the drone down, and it will start moving downwards. To pitch backward away, the drone will reverse the process.

In case to move in a clockwise direction, the drone will increase powers to the front left and back right motors which are rotating counterclockwise.

It will also decrease the power to the front right and back left motors which are rotating clockwise.

Increase in thrust from front left and back right motors, it will occur a decrease in thrust for the back left and front right motors.

The net thrust upward will remain roughly the same. However, the done will start generating more anticlockwise angular momentum, so to conserve angular momentum the drone will begin to move in the clockwise direction.

1. Airbus

Airbus is a Netherland based company that was founded on 18th December 1970. The corporation is very well known for manufacturing, designing and selling aerospace products all over the world.

Airbus is one of the best company in the aeronautics market. This organization has various divisions like Defence and space, Commercial aircraft and helicopters.

After the huge success, the Airbus Company is planning to form a network of 900 satellites in space that will make this company the world largest satellite producer. This plane will convert the planet Earth into a hub of the network.

2. Boeing

Boeing Company is an American company famous for producing, designing and selling airplanes, rockets, missiles satellites, and drone worldwide. This company was established on July 15, 1916, by William Boeing.

Boeing also offers services like product support and leasing. This organization has become the 5th biggest defense contractor. Boeing is one of the biggest exporter in the United States of America.

They are focusing on reaching the spot of number one in the airspace industry. In the year 2017, the company was able to get a revenue of 93$ billion, and there are about 1 lakh plus employers in the Boeing company.

3. Lockheed Martin Company

Lockheed Martin Company is well known for its aerospace, security, defense, and advanced technology products. It is an American based company that was founded on March 15, 1995.

In the short span of 25 years, this organization has seen a lot of success in the airspace market. Lockheed Martin Company has over 100,000 employees all over the world.

This corporation is the world premier satellite produces that provide the space-based solution.

Lockheed Martin is planning to bring innovation in the market through their product. The company was able to earn a revenue of US$ 51 billion in the year 2017.

4. Orbital ATK

Orbital ATK aligned with Orbital Science Corporation and become a member of Alliant Techsystems and was bought by Northrop Grumman in the year 2018.

The organization is very famous because of manufacturing tactical missiles, drones, defense electrons, satellite, precision weapons, and various airspace products. Northrop Grumman Company has achieved a lot of success in just a year.

They have a team of 12 thousand members that are working for the development of the company and the people.

This corporation is becoming a leading satellite manufacturer in the world and is producing a new satellite life enlargement vehicle that will offer more flexibility.

5. Thales Alenia Space

Thales Alenia Space is a French, Italian company that is one of the largest satellite producers in Europe.

The organization was founded in the year 2005 and had seven thousand plus employers that are working hard for the better of the Aerospace industry.

This corporation is famous for producing products like drones, Satellite, airplanes, and other aerospace products. The company was able to earn a revenue of 2 billion € in the year 2015 due to its remarkable performance.

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