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Best Video Conferencing Applications

Corporations and companies need a constant channel of communication for an effective and smooth transition of their businesses. It is not possible for the stakeholders to be physically present for every such meeting, and that is where video conferencing makes sure that the flow of work goes on uninterrupted.

While one may not be able to visit the office in the real world, technology has enabled us to keep functioning with the use of virtual connectivity.

Over the past several years, companies have been dealing with off-shore clients and on-site employees via the medium of video conferencing. Today, there are several video calling and conferencing services available as per your requirement. Take a look at the following list of the best platforms and applications for video conferencing.


Zoom is undoubtedly the most preferred video conferencing service for businesses and professional uses. With the enterprise-level plan, you can include up to 200 participants in the video call. Further, Zoom provides its users with the facility of unlimited cloud storage, a vanity meeting URL, and custom email services.

Zoom is a feature-rich service, and you can choose from a variety of plans as per the needs of your business. The services are free for small personal meetings, while you need to pay the monthly US $19.99 per host for large-sized enterprises.


Skype is one of the most trusted names when it comes to video calling services. The primary caller can add up to 50 persons in one call with no costs to be incurred at all. Skype also offers a browser client that is compatible with all types of smartphones and computers.

Skype has an impressive feature of international voice calling, which helps in the situation where a video call participant does not have a video calling device. Other services offered by Skype are screen sharing, translation, and transcription.

Google Duo

Google Duo is the built-in video calling service in Android by Google. The best thing about this application is that you or your friends do not need to download it separately. Duo is commended for the ease of use it comes with, along with its compatibility with Android phones.

You can have a maximum of 8 people on one call. Further, it allows you to record and forward video messages. Duo is supported on Apple platforms as well. Such features make Google Duo one of the most compelling video calling applications for small groups of people.


FaceTime is a video calling application developed by Apple. With this application, you can experience smooth video calls and conferences on a Mac, an iPhone, or an iPad.

FaceTime allows you to have up to 32 participants in a video conferencing call. You can also make use of the audio-only calls in the absence of a stable Wi-Fi or cellular connection. While virtual meeting and conferencing is an old concept, it was made much easier and accessible after Apple's FaceTime became a pre-installed feature.

Google Meet

Google Meet is an upgraded and advanced version of Google Hangouts. While the latter is free of charge, you need to pay a fixed amount for using Google Meet.

Google Meet comes with an impressive user interface and the feature to sync all your data. Also, you get complete access to G Suite programs. If your business already uses G Suite, then you do not need to pay any charges.

GoTo Meeting

GoTo Meeting allows you to host one-on-one meetings online with a maximum of 25 callers at a time. It comes with some impressive features such as in-app messaging service during a virtual meeting, transcription, scheduling, etc. For a meeting with 10 participants, GoTo charges US $14 per month, and for a meeting of 150 participants, the charges go up to US $29 per month.

GoTo Meeting is available for both mobile and desktop platforms.

Cisco WebEx

Cisco WebEx is one of the oldest and most successful video call platforms. It is highly recommended for a meeting with a large number of participants and large enterprises. It is an impressive combination of web conferencing and video calling. To use the basic plan of WebEx, you need to pay a sum of US $13.50 per month for every host. Cisco also offers cloud services and other management features for its video conferencing platform.

BlueJeans Meeting

BlueJeans is famous for its instant video calling connections, which can be utilized through the desktop or mobile application. You can also use this service via a browser.

BlueJeans is equipped with the background noise cancellation technology that helps in having a sound video conferencing experience. You can use the free trial version for a month, after which you have to choose from one of the three plans to continue using this software.


Slack is an excellent choice if your organization has already employed Slack's collaboration tools. The video calling feature comes as part of the bouquet of services. It is regarded as a good option for small meetings and collaboration calls.

In Slack, the video call feature is available only for desktop platforms such as Windows, Linux, and Mac. It only offers voice calls on Android and iOS platforms.


Zoho has one of the largest user bases in the world, with over 50 million users. It is one of the most preferred platforms for hosting video conferencing meetings. Be it sales, marketing, or HR, Zoho is regarded highly by professionals.

The basic plan by Zoho starts at US $10 per month per host. You can include up to 100 participants in one call. Further, Zoho provides the option of storing up to 10 recorded meetings. It comes with strong privacy settings wherein the host can mute or eject another caller. The meetings can be locked so that no external interference affects the flow of the meeting.

Do not let any barriers come in between the flow of your work. You can make the best use of video conferencing technology to ensure constant and effective communication in your organization. We hope this article helps you choose the best video conferencing services for your professional and personal uses.

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